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Aluminum Nameplates / Nameplates

Aluminum labels are made of a malleable aluminum material typically used for nameplates and serial labels. They are a long lasting label solution that can withstand years of UV exposure, harsh weather conditions. The effects of sunlight, salt spray, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, and abrasives. A thin and flexible anodized aluminum label will not crack, chip, or peel off over years of use.

Anodized aluminum products are often used to create identification and/or information that a company may need such as a serial numbers, barcodes, UID, or a write-on serial pad. Aluminum labels are used in many industrial areas like aerospace, medical, manufacturing, military and telecommunication. Most computer hardware has an anodized aluminum label affixed to its exterior to enable a company to track the equipment. These labels can also store vital information about the equipment.

Aluminum Nameplates
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